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2017年第17届越南塑料展 展会时间:2017年09月13日~9月16日(4天)展馆名称:西贡国际会议暨展览中心SECC-SaigonExhibition&ConventionCenter展馆地址:799NguyenVanLinhParkway,TanPhuWard,District7,HoChiMinhCity,Vietnam展馆和展位号码:HALLB,B18...
Stretch stretch film equipment advanced technology promoters
Xin Hui of the continuous improvement of technical strength, innovative product development, is committed to continuously improve the stretch film machinery manufacturing technology, and promote the development of the industry progress.
  • Manufacturing system integration
    The introduction of foreign professional automation control technology innovation stretch film manufacturing system integration
  • Model specifications complete
    Covering all aspects of stretch film manufacturing equipment technology products wide range of models complete specifications
  • Meet production needs
    Innovative product development and application areas continue to meet customer demand for personalized production
Help to achieve efficient production
We have been committed to meet the individual needs of customers, through intelligent means to help you improve the automation of the manufacturing process, reduce costs, improve efficiency and create greater value.
  • Intelligent control, operation more simple
    Built-in automated intelligent control system, the machine operation is more simple, a key to start, automatic production.
  • Standard uniform, more stable quality
    Full automation manufacturing, to ensure that the production process more standard product quality more stable and secure.
  • Imported parts, longer life expectancy
    Using imported parts, with more durable equipment production run life.
Professional & Ability
Xin Hui of excellent equipment and services for customers continue to provide stretch film manufacturing solutions to meet customer needs personalized
  • More than ten years of focus
    Stretch film equipment manufacturing and solutions
  • Innovative R & D
    Continued technology upgrades and new product development
  • Reliable Quality
    A number of national authority certification
  • Full service
    Timely to meet your after-sales needs
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About Us
Because of the focus,
So we continue to create.

Every year more customers choose to use Xin Hui of the production machinery and equipment, they come from different regions, with different needs, but are in the same way to express the love of Xin Hui of products. Xin Hui Da, stretch film machinery advanced technology leader, based on the application of development and technology research, focus on industry, focus on industry solutions more customers choose to use Xin Hui of the production from different regions have different needs, but are in the same The way to express the love of Xin Hui of products.

Every day, customers in many countries and regions around the world are using our equipment to manufacture products!